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        New Roadway Our Vision: Leading the way in safety, quality, innovation, efficiency. Dirt Work Our Mission: Strong Teams. Successful Projects. New Bridge Our Core Purpose: Working together to improve ourselves, our industry, and our communities. Twin Bridges Core Value: Fair and Ethical Success.
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        Established in 1981, Gilchrist Construction Company is Leading the Way in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency. An industry leader in Louisiana's heavy highway market since the late 1980's, GCC has served the infrastructure needs of our state as a top contractor for Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development projects.

        Domiciled in central Louisiana, our resources are well-positioned to cover state-wide heavy highway and civil construction needs and projects of various sizes and scopes:

        Asphalt Paving

        Gilchrist Construction asphalt paving crews are some of the most experienced in our region. Combined with a fleet of the most technologically advanced paving equipment, our crews strive to provide a quality project each day.

        From urban mill and overlays, to pavement rehabilitation, to interstate rubbilization and overlays, GCC has the experience to handle the job.

        Bridge Structures

        Our Bridge Structure resources are equipped to safely construct:

        • Driven Pile (Concrete, Steel, or Timber) Foundations
        • Prefabricated Concrete Bridge Structures
        • Steel Bridge Structures
        • Moveable Bridges
        • Precast Prestressed Concrete Girder Structures of any size
        • Cast In Place Concrete Slab Span Structures

        Concrete Paving

        For decades, Gilchrist Construction has been a leader in concrete paving across our region. Our highly skilled work force and large fleet of paving equipment leads the way in highway paving, municipal construction, concrete pavement rehabilitation, and airfield paving.


        At Gilchrist Construction Company, we live our vision to lead the way in the construction industry. One example is our participation in the design-build project concept. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD) was approved to advertize and award five contracts using design-build methodology

        GCC participated in four of the five using this innovative delivery, and became the only contractor to be awarded two design-build contracts for the LaDOTD.

        Following our success in the procurement process, GCC relied heavily on the knowledge and experience of our work-force, as well as our design consultants to deliver successful projects. Both projects were completed within the allotted contract time, allowing GCC to be the first contractor to complete a design-build project for the LaDOTD.

        Earthwork and Excavation

        Gilchrist Construction Company crews perform excavation and embankment operations on projects utilizing GPS controlled equipment.

        Industrial Construction

        An important aspect of Gilchrist Construction Company's portfolio of work resides in the industrial construction market.

        Throughout our history, we have completed many successful projects including site preparation and construction of industrial facilities for Martco Partnerships, UTLX, and Boise Cascade.