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        New Roadway Our Vision: Leading the way in safety, quality, innovation, efficiency. Dirt Work Our Mission: Strong Teams. Successful Projects. New Bridge Our Core Purpose: Working together to improve ourselves, our industry, and our communities. Twin Bridges Core Value: Fair and Ethical Success.
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        As we strive to achieve our vision of “Leading the way in safety, quality, innovation, and efficiency,”we are proud of our accomplishments in the area of safety and risk management. Providing a safe work environment for our employees, customers, external partners, the traveling public, and the communities in which we work is of critical importance to us.? ?

        The foundation of the GCC Safety and Risk Management program begins with a focus on leading indicators:

        We are committed to preventing accidents and promptly responding to learn from those that do occur.? ??Much of this focus begins with enhancing employee skills, knowledge, and abilities, which lies at the heart of our internal training program, The Position Matrix.? We launched our internal GCC Safety Rotation Program in 2011, which focuses on the expansion of knowledge and enhanced learning within our safety team and across our field construction teams.

        Every employee has the right and the responsibility to stop any work that they believe may jeopardize the safety of employees, contractors, or the public.? Because of this commitment, we have made tremendous progress in reaching our goal of creating an incident-free work environment.

        3rd Quarter Transportation and Equipment Safety Appreciation Dinner