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        New Roadway Our Vision: Leading the way in safety, quality, innovation, efficiency. Dirt Work Our Mission: Strong Teams. Successful Projects. New Bridge Our Core Purpose: Working together to improve ourselves, our industry, and our communities. Twin Bridges Core Value: Fair and Ethical Success.
        Apply Online There are currently 37 career opportunities at Gilchrist.
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        CONTACT US

        Corporate Office
        5709 New York Ave
        Alexandria, LA 71302

        PO Box 5699 Alexandria, LA 71307

        Email: careers@gilchristconstruction.com
        Phone: (318) 448-3565
        Fax:????? (318) 445-8507


        Accounts Payable(318) 483-7633
        Financial(318) 483-7641
        Payroll(318) 427-1132
        Human Resources(318) 483-7657
        Safety(318) 483-7620
        Equipment(318) 427-1140
        Estimating(318) 427-1114

        Alexandria Asphalt Plant
        5303 3rd Street
        Alexandria, LA 71302

        Walker Asphalt Plant
        9300 Co-Mar Drive
        Walker, LA 70785