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        New Roadway Our Vision: Leading the way in safety, quality, innovation, efficiency. Dirt Work Our Mission: Strong Teams. Successful Projects. New Bridge Our Core Purpose: Working together to improve ourselves, our industry, and our communities. Twin Bridges Core Value: Fair and Ethical Success.
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        Gilchrist Construction Company's reputation in the community is determined not only by the work that we do, but by the employees who represent us.

        Gilchrist Construction Company has identified our Core Value and Purpose, which helps represent and define who we are as an organization. Core Value-Fair and Ethical Success Core Purpose- Working together to improve ourselves, our industry, and our communities.

        Our core value and purpose, along with our ten Guiding Principles serve the foundation of Gilchrist's success and make Gilchrist Construction Company a great place to build a career.

        At Gilchrist, we believe that each employee contributes directly to the company's growth and success. We strive to recognize the goals of each individual employee and tirelessly work to align personal and professional goals through employee benefits program

        The quality of services Gilchrist Construction Company provides will be determined by the performance of people who work here.

        Benefits Include: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401(k) Plan, Life Insurance, Employee Assistance Program(EAP), Short and Long Term Disability, Vacation and Sick time, Holidays Off, Wellness Coach, and Employer-Owned Clinic & Wellness Center (Alexandria location).

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